We love to have fun in class!

If you are here it is because you really want your child to learn Spanish and help her/him to enjoy the process of learning a second language.  My methodology of teaching is fun, interactive and effective. My goal is very simple : I want my students to learn Spanish and enjoy the process. 

“It takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain—unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10 and 20 repetitions!” Dr. Karyn Purvis


In the class we learn Spanish in an INTERACTIVE and FUN way. We use a lot of games, roleplaying and interactive activities. The games are specifically designed to facilitate practice so that children can receive, process, practice, and retain new vocabulary and grammatical structures.I make the majority of
the resources myself; this
way, I can adapt the activities to the needs of each student. 

Language Exposure

Learning a language is a lifelong process; I am still learning new words in my own language! This is why it is essential that the children have maximum EXPOSURE to the language each day. By doing so, little by little, they will learn the language and build confidence when speaking in Spanish. Students will have access to a VIRTUAL CLASS  with Spanish resources  to review the content of the class.

Emphasis on Speaking

The lessons maximize language exposure and practice, focusing specifically on the development of COMMUNICATION skills. Children practice using target vocabulary in
context, with an emphasis
on speaking skills. A
approach helps student to build  confidence and increase their love for the Spanish language. 

Visual support

I mainly use Spanish in class, supporting comprehension with pictures, facial expressions, dramatic gestures, and a varity of VISUAL RESOURCES  and manipulatives. Students do not learn via translation, instead, they gradually integrate meaning via purposeful exposure, practice and play. 

Spiral Learning

Learning a language is not a linear path, .Rather than trying to master a subject all at once, I teach a topic GRADUALLY and REPEATEDLY, reinforcing concepts over time. Each time we return to the topic, we work on it in a deeper level and explore more complexity. The students  constantly expand their knowledge or improve their skill level.  I use reinforce key words and phrases through music, games ,  chants,  consistent language and focused repetition.   

Cultural Competence

I highlight the importance of incorporating into the language curriculum the cultural components of the Spanish language. My instruction seeks to develop not only linguistic skills but also positive emotional responses and new cognitive schemes to Hispanic culture, free of prejudice and stereotypes. 


In addition to the Zoom class, students will have access to the virtual class where they will find videos/games/ activities to review the content of the class. The virtual class will be updated weekly.
Mila Kun